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We provide various solutions that which enhance your productivity and income, we are expertise in providing solutions for Logistics Management Automation, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse and Distribution, Haulage and Fleet Operation

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Logistics Management Automation

Our solution lets you do all this and much more, right at your desktop or mobile, with complete control and visibility over the entire logistics process.

You can move anything from a slim envelope to heavy machinery, right across the world - at the best prices, on the most suitable carriers and with maximum reliability, safety and security.

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Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Solutions is a fully integrated supply chain logistics-service offering designed to deliver value by combining services across our software to create a complete end-to-end solution.

We link your origin supply chain with your destination markets’ ever-changing logistics needs, drawing on the system. Managed as an end-to-end solution, NHANS Logistics Services represents a total supply chain service.

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Warehouse and Distribution

Warehouse Management Software module maintains and control 3rd party inventory and shipping requirements.

It is most suitable for 3rd Party Logistics Providers, Custom House Agents (CHA). Apart from inventory management it provides you control over warehouse related logistics expenses like loading, unloading, weighment and packing expense.

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Haulage and Fleet Operation

Large fleet in operation, it is extremely critical to reduce risk, improve safety & security, optimize fleet operations with real-time, GPS tracking, and fleet monitoring.

Fleet Management solution is an end-to-end IoT solution to capture vehicle diagnostic parameters, driver behavior, and the real-time monitoring for Fleet Managers and Drivers.

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Our Products

Nhans Logistics ERP Suite

NHANS Logistics ERP Suite

NHANS SUITE is an End-to-End Cloud and On-premise ERP Software Suite for Freight Forwarding & Logistics Industry. It is the next-generation software that helps Freight Forwarders, Logistics Service Providers, 3PL, Warehouse and Transportation companies to effectively run their organization and drive profitable business growth.

NHANS SUITE has flexible customisation and configuration layers which not only address specific supply-chain challenges, but which can mitigate disruption and change to your organisation by seamlessly aligning with your current business processes.

  • Mapping different warehouses with respect to space availability as a whole & location.
  • Delivery and internal transfer orders from customers.
  • Location wise tracking of inventory.
  • Contracts with service provides of loading, unloading etc.
  • Customer contracts for warehouse rent and handling charges and allowed handling losses.
  • Rent and handling charges Bill and integration with accounts module.
  • Bill passing option for handling charges.
  • Trip wise Profitability.
  • Provide inventory information to customer at a click of mouse.


Warehouse & 3PL System
Transport Management
Supply Chain Management
Cold Storage
Nhans Warehouse Management System

NHANS Warehouse & 3PL System

NHANS WMS system is an end-to-end inventory and warehousing system that integrates purchasing, receiving, order fulfilment, and shipping. By streamlining these key business processes, warehouse managers, accounting and management have access to the same up-to-date inventory information. As a result, 3PLs can prevent shortfalls and automate re-ordering to proactively anticipate and fulfil customer demands.

This system is designed from the ground up to allow 3PLs to rapidly implement a multi-customer system in single or multi-warehouse configurations. Because of this, our 3PL customers can immediately create a level of accuracy and visibility for their own customers beyond what most high end (and costly) systems that your bigger competitors might be running. As a 3PL, your customers look to you to provide a level of flexibility that supports innovation and changes in their business policies.

  • Customer contracts for warehouse rent and handling charges and allowed handling losses.
  • Mapping different warehouses with respect to space availability as a whole and location (rack wise).
  • Rent and handling charges Bill and integration with accounts module.
  • Physical Stock Count.
Nhans Transport Management System

NHANS Transport Management System

Fleet Software - Operations modules allows to take control over your fleet/truck by controlled sub processes. These sub processes inclues route Management, Fuel Management, Trip Management, Permits, Fleet Job Card and Maintenance. All sub modules Fleet Management Software are integrated and are further integrated with Mapol Business Solutions Private Limited Software. are integrated of Fleet Lorry owners are able to get benefit form fleet software, which is specially designed for transport companies. Some of the functionalities are mentioned below:

  • Accident & Breakdown history is one of the best features of Fleet Management Software.
  • Alerts on renewable documents (permits, insurance etc.)
  • Alerts on Preventive Maintenance Due.
  • Control over Fuel expenses from slip issue to filling station bill passing.
  • Total Trip control from driver advance, T.A. to trip settlement.
  • Control over repetitive repair expenses by maintenance history.
  • Route Management.
  • Driver Bhatta and T.A.
  • Trip wise Profitability.
  • Performances of vehicle and driver on various parameters.
Nhans Supply Chain Management Software

NHANS Supply Chain Management

Transport and Logistics Operations Module of Mapol Business Solutions Private Limited Software manages all the operational activities of transport companies from booking to delivery, POD to billing, Lorry Hire to Payment. The configurable module is also suitble for logistics management, some of the functionalities provided in the Mapol Business Solutions Private Limited Software makes it one of the best Logistics Software. The module helps to increase revenue while reduce expenses of logistics companies in india. The main functionalities includes:

  • Control over Fuel expenses from slip issue to filling station bill passing.
  • Control over repetitive repair expenses by maintenance history.
  • Order linked booking and delivery.
  • Multiple trans-shipment points.
  • Customized Billing Format as per customer requirement.
  • Contract based calculation of detention, penalty and incentive for transporter and customer.
  • Payments and Receipts integrated with accounting system.
  • Pending list of task like booking, transshipment and delivery stock at a click of mouse.
  • Consignment, Lorry, Customer wise costing.
  • Pending POD, Billing and In-Transit consignment improves business performance.
  • Transporters balance payment and customer billing linked with POD.
Nhans Parcel / Courier

NHANS Cold Storage

The Ultimate Solution for Cold Storage Warehouse Management. Experience the power of NHANS FrostWare, a comprehensive software solution designed to unlock the secrets of optimal cold storage warehouse management. Maximize efficiency, minimize waste, and ensure product quality and safety with our state-of-the-art technology .

  • Embrace the cutting-edge automation capabilities of NHANS FrostWare to transform your cold storage warehouse operations. Say goodbye to human error, enhance inventory management, and streamline processes for unparalleled cost-effectiveness.
  • Decode the complexities of cold chain logistics with NHANS FrostWare. Ensure temperature control throughout the supply chain, address challenges, and implement best practices to maintain the integrity of your products.
  • Implement a robust quality control system within your cold storage warehouse with NHANS FrostWare. Guarantee the freshness, integrity, and compliance of stored perishable goods, providing ultimate customer satisfaction and preserving your brand reputation.
  • Overcome the unique challenges of inventory management in a cold storage warehouse with FrostWare. Optimize stock rotation, track shelf-life, and maximise space utilization for efficiency and productivity.
  • Ensure the utmost security of your valuable cold storage inventory using FrostWare. Protect against theft, tampering, and spoilage with advanced security measures and traceability features.
  • Design the perfect layout for your cold storage warehouse with NHANS FrostWare. Optimize space and workflow, ensuring efficient operations and maximizing productivity.
  • Ensure the reliability and longevity of your cold storage warehouse assets with NHANS FrostWare. Effectively maintain equipment, temperature control systems, and infrastructure to minimize downtime and reduce repair costs.

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